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theDesignPeople is a website design agency founded by Nic Morris, a long-time tech lover with over 20 years of web design experience.

As a company, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your finished website or digital product. We guarantee that your website will be geared towards all viewing platforms, and with that in mind, all of our websites are built responsively for all types of visual formats including smart phones and tablets. This means that your message can get out to more people in all types of situations.

Call or email us today for a quote or to further enquire about your new site. You won’t be disappointed with the results!

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Where customer service means everything

We’ve been building websites for a while, and we know that some web companies don’t always respond as quickly as you’d like them too. It’s frustrating not being able to talk to your web designer when something goes wrong or you need help.

Customer service has always been one of the most important aspects of our success, and we are dedicated to making sure your experience is the best in the industry! One of the reasons why we are so successful is that our clients like us enough to refer us to their friends again and again. The main reason for that is simple – because they understand that we value them.

When you contact theDesignPeople, you will always have one point of contact – the person who is building your site. That person is responsible for answering any questions you may have within an hour or two (in normal working hours), but generally within 30 minutes on most days. You will always get a response back in a timely manner. And we will always give you an approximate timeline of when we hope for things to get done.

You’re important to us! We’ve still got clients who started with us back in 1999. That says we’re doing something right. We hope that we can count you as a client and that perhaps you’ll also be with us in 20 years time!

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One of our recent websites, Nova Alliance Bank

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need both a domain name and hosting?
The domain name is the web address you choose for your business. As an example theDesignPeople’s domain name is “thedesignpeople.com.au”. You will need to pay a company to host your website. When your site is up and running and someone types your domain name and clicks enter, they are automatically directed to the “server” which is held at the hosting company. This will then trigger your website and it will be displayed on the browser of the computer requesting the website.
How much can I expect to pay for registering my .com.au domain?
Domain names vary in cost according to your requirements. For a basic idea though, you should expect to pay about $20-30 per year.
How long does it take to create a website?
We normally like to say about 2 weeks – time to get a proper perspective on your requirements and for the back and forth of ideas and information from client to us. On saying that, it could be much quicker for websites that are smaller – ie one-page portfolio websites.
Do you charge a deposit before you start?
Yes, we normally charge a 30% deposit for all new clients before we begin. Once a job has begun, the deposit is non-refundable.
How can I pay?
There are several choices when it comes to payment. If you live in Australia or the United Kingdom, we have a bank account which accepts direct deposit. Alternatively, you can pay via Paypal if you are from the USA or other country. NOTE: Cheques ARE NOT ACCEPTED.
Do you help with search engine optimisation?
Yes, we can certainly help with this. Towards the end of the design process we will ask you for some information that will help search engines find your website. We will ask you for a “page title”, “page description” and sometimes “keywords”. We can explain this to you in more detail later. We embed this information into the web page and search engines will collect it and add it to their search result pages. You can also choose whether you wish to pay to advertise your site through google (called “AdWords”) and there are also various methods to optimise your page so that search engines give you a higher search rank. We can also give recommendations on companies that deal specifically on SEO.


Our workflow – How we take the time to understand your business

Goal identification:
Our initial meeting (or meetings) would determine what goals the new website needs to fulfil. i.e., what is its purpose? What pages and features does the site requires to fulfil the goal, and what is the timeline for the build. We would also discuss and define the scope of the project.

With the goals and scope defined, we can start fleshing out the sitemap, defining how the content and features will be fixed on the site. We will use the current website as a basis (if there is one), but will need to know any extra pages PLUS any course structure if you require a Learning Management System. We use LearnDash as a framework for these.

Content creation:
man at iphone and ipadOnce we have a sitemap and understanding of the site structure, we will then move to content for the individual pages, always keeping Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind to help keep pages focused on a single topic. We will require an understanding of who will be organising content.

Visual elements:
With the site architecture and some content in place, we can start working on the visual brand and framework for the site. We will look at layout, font and text size, colour, stock photography, icon style etc. We will then begin the process of building a first view of the home page followed by an internal page design. On approval, we can start building the site pages using the above templates as a guide.

LMS and eCommerce / Payment Gateway:
Once the main site has been created and approved, we will begin on the LMS system and E-commerce functionality (if required). We use LearnDash and WooCommerce (for sale of products etc) respectively. We will build out the framework keeping in mind the courses / topics / quizzes etc., required. We will also design the certificates of completion etc.

After all pages have been defined we will then begin testing – giving time to make sure it all works. We combine manual browsing of the site on a variety of devices to identify everything from user experience issues to simple broken links.

Once everything’s working the way it should, we are ready to launch! We will discuss timelines for this as above (in step 1). We will also need to know any communication strategies you might desire — i.e., when will you launch and how will you let the world know (by this time we will be ready to implement marketing and advertising strategies).

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